Select the benefits of Finehope
Finehope is China's most professional PU manufacturers, has a professional R & D team, advanced PU production equipment, professional testing equipment and improve the quality management system. Collaborative projects will reduce your time, reduce personal trouble, reduce costs (dominant and hidden costs).
Product Delivery Cycle
30 working days after the completion of the deposit and mold to complete the production, excluding the preparation of materials and equipment, 10-day queue period (depending on the number of orders).
Product transportation
Qiyun, sea, air (FedEx / UPS), depending on customer requirements.
How to track product transport
If it is the sea will provide a bill of lading number to the customer, if it is air transport will provide speed waybill number.
How to control the quality of a good product
Finehope to the quality of the first goal, to provide high-quality product quality, is our mission; Finehope has a professional team, from beginning to end control good product quality: All raw materials and accessories must be strictly inspected before production. All workers must undergo formal training before production. All products must be strictly controlled and inspected in the production process. The product must be inspected again before shipment.