Why use Finehope

Finehope is a manufacturer of molded polyurethane products, the top manufacturers, was established in 2002. Our goal is to pursue lean manufacturing, reduce waste, create additional value, and continue to focus on controlling costs and creating additional value for our customers by focusing on producing top quality polyurethane products. Products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States market. Our customers choose our main reason is our fancy broad research and development capabilities and international brands with the company to ensure long-term quality and experience.


Is the domestic high-tech enterprises, with a number of domestic and foreign inventions of polyurethane patented technology intellectual property rights. Through the ISO9001 certification, Alibaba is integrity, Alibaba is also fine-enterprise.


Quality Control

We will ensure the full, appropriate and effective operation of our ISO9001, ISO / TS 16949 quality management system through continuous promotion, maintenance and regular review. We will make effective use of APQP, FMEA, MSA, SPC and PPAP core management tools.



Materials R&D

We have professional polyurethane materials R & D team, has been put into production products including MDI, TDI, HDI and PPDI, such as polyether, polyester system formula, covering all polyurethane system formula.



Equipment improvement

Have the ability to self-improvement of production equipment, and independent research and development since the end of the mold-fixture, lean from the 働 pipeline.



Lean production

Toyota TPS lean management model, improve production efficiency, reduce waste and reduce costs.



Quality Reliable Service at Affordable Prices


Production and testing equipment

Finehope has the PU industry’s most advanced production equipment, including KraussMaffei machine production of different PU material products such as high / low pressure machine infusion machine; automated assembly line operations, including the infusion assembly line, painting lines, grinding lines, automatic roll Mold assembly line. With mold independent design, production, innovation ability, and a wealth of hardware, plastics and other PU accessories design and processing experience;
A PU material a series of testing equipment, and is responsible for quality assurance and quality control system of the team of engineers. Each project will carry out the product testing and analysis, and mechanical analysis of product materials, and ultimately develop a product testing standards. In order to reduce the quality standards between customers and manufacturers disputes.

Product Features

PU rigid foam products have the following characteristics:
1. High strength, light weight, with good flexibility and toughness;
2. Adiabatic effect is good, no deformation, do not fall off, strong durability;
3. With the characteristics of wood, planing, nails can be saw;
4. Modeling diversification, according to customer demand, open-custom;
5. The surface color can be processed according to the customer’s favorite color;
6. Wood effect: wood pattern effect clear and natural, elegant luxury;
7. Anti-flammability, after a special process, you can achieve non-spontaneous combustion, non-combustion characteristics;
8. Can be put into the filler reinforcement;


Product Usage

Rigid (structural foam) products are widely used in various industries:
1. Furniture industry: frame, bed frame, frame, wardrobe / cabinet / door decoration, dining chair / chair leg carving;
2. Construction and decoration materials: Roman column, railings, line boards, lights junction box, figurines / sculpture, the pillars of the carving;
3. Car industry: interior decoration, rear luggage cover, car trunk lid, hard truck trunk lid, trailer side panels / visor, etc.;
4. Sports equipment: hockey stick, sleigh, pry, fish, racket handle;
5. Insulation materials: refrigerators, freezers within the rigid foam, insulation board / incubator;
6. Other general purpose: Carved Bespoke frame, tray, computer / TV / radio shell, engineering accessories, decorating materials, marine buoys, surfboards, etc .;